Jun 23rd, 2022

Your competitors tell half the story

When Pepsi claims to be better than Coca Cola many of us raise our shoulders, but there’s something significant at play.

Competition plays an essential role in positioning your product because it's the most effective way to relate to something your audience already knows.

The cool thing is: You get to decide who your competition is.

And choosing your competition wisely will make your life a lot easier.

It gets even better...

You can change your competition as the organization grows:

Enabling you to adapt your story as your progress through different stages.

Here is a formula that will help you position your product against  competitors:

  • For who is it
  • Whomever you’re comparing to
  • What is your product
  • What it does (better)
  • Better than your competition
  • The outcome

Here’s an example for @Webscape:

  • For knowledge workers
  • Who want a better experience working in the browser
  • Webscape unifies the digital workspace by searching & navigating it from one place.
  • Helping you organize information. Manage workspaces. And performing actions; such as creating a new doc — all from one unified interface.
  • Unlike other alternatives that require countless integrations, Webscape works universally across the web.
  • With Webscape you'll navigate your workspace at the speed of thought — and without distraction.
 Martijn Verbove
Martijn Verbove wrote this

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