Jun 10th, 2022

The Metasphere

The level of connectivity in today’s world has come to a point where it functions as an (over-reactive) immune system.

Our information systems have evolved so rapidly that they've become a fundamental part of our ecosystem:

The Metasphere 🧠

What it comes down to is that the world appears to be in constant over-reaction; leading to the mass social outcry, market sell-offs, and the like.

We could say that this is the result of the media, but in reality society across the world has been covered by an unprecedented connectivity layer.

Our information systems are such an integral part of life in 2022 that they’ve become part of the fundamental systems that shape life on earth; comparable to the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, etc.

Since the metasphere hasn't yet matured like the other fundamental systems, and we experience it from an insider perspective, it seems entirely chaotic.

However, in essence, this system functions as an immune system that identifies societal issues. Across billions of minds.

Even though people will continue to interpret information differently, the consciousness of the happening events becomes collective. Resulting in a new type of global culture.

Previously, I was significantly worried by the extreme reaction of society to today’s events, but this perspective has shifted my opinion entirely.

 Martijn Verbove
Martijn Verbove wrote this

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